A biker lost all control around a turn and headed for a wall at 120 mph, but somehow he lived to tell the tale

YouTube/Motorbike Daily

A wild crash with six laps to go in a World Superbikes race in Imola, Italy, could have ended so much worse for Northern Ireland’s Eugene Laverty over the weekend.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A video shows Laverty losing all control going around a turn and jumping off his bike at speeds as high as 120 mph, while his vehicle kept going, crashed into a wall and burst into flames.

YouTube/Motorbike Daily

As you can see, Laverty went flying.

According to Laverty, he was able to jump off his bike just in time after severing a brake line. He said doing this was not about “balls” but sheer necessity.

“It doesn’t take balls to jump off at 200kph, all you need is a severed brake line and a fast approaching wall!” he said.

Laverty would add later on that he’s already good to go but recognizes how lucky he was to walk away from this.

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“Horrible end to the race today but I count myself lucky to be able to walk away. Ready for race 2 @SMRWorldSBK✊?,” he tweeted.

YouTube/Motorbike Daily

To Laverty, you gotta get right back on the horse, or in this case, the motorcycle. Just not that motorcycle.

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