Seeing a stranger in her home was bad enough, but then she checked her underwear drawer Screenshot/WHAM

A New York mother says she fears for her safety after her home was burglarized — and as if it’s not enough that a man broke into her home and stole a drone and hoverboard, he left with some pretty personal items of hers, too.

Michelle Ashby and her sons live in Webster, near Rochester, New York. They weren’t home when their burglar broke in, but Ashby got an alert on her phone from her Nest home camera. It had picked up movement in the empty house — a lot of it.

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Michelle used her phone to stream video from the camera, and watched a burglar walk around her house about 5:00 a.m. Saturday, according to WHAM. She livestreamed the burglary as the lone burglar went through her house and picked a hoverboard and drone to make off with.

Then she noticed something else was seriously off: he was wearing her clothing. And the suitcase seen in the burglar’s hand was filled with Ashby’s underwear, she would later discover.

“I can’t even imagine how she would want to come back and stay in there,” said Karen Coffey, Ashby’s mother. “She could have been in the house at the time… The seven-year-old [child] is just out of his mind, really really worried about the bad guys in his house and the fact that he can see them on the video.”

She described the burglar as a “very strange man” who made the whole family “very uncomfortable.” They say they don’t recognize the man.

Coffey is staying with the family for now as they try to go about their lives again, knowing that the burglar is still at large. The family’s not sure how he got in — the doors and windows were locked, according to WHAM.

But the camera that provided the alarming footage might also help Webster police solve the case. Police say they have a few leads at this time and are hopeful that clear video surveillance will help zip up this underwear-laden burglar for good.

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