A cab driver let “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk” ride out the storm in his house

A Houston cab driver took in Harvey, a Cooper’s hawk that wouldn’t leave his side, and stayed with him for the duration of the Hurricane Harvey, he says.

William Bruso was loading up on supplies in advance of the storm on Friday; when he returned to his car, he found the Cooper’s hawk on the passenger side of his car, per Fox News.

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And it wouldn’t budge, even though Bruso made a number of attempts to free it.


So Bruso brought the hawk home with him, letting “Sargent Hurricane Harvey” ride out the storm in his home near a shelf of liquor bottles. He fed the bird chicken hearts and water as they “got drunk and [rode] out the storm.”

Bruso recorded and posted plenty of video of the night on his YouTube channel. Harvey appears to be enduring the storm calmly as Bruso and a “cab friend” he calls “Benny Booboo” watch flood coverage, compliment female news anchors and talk about pancakes.

Bruso finally called the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center, who came and took Harvey in a short goodbye video.

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