A showdown between a vehicle and a Missouri woman that was captured on video this week ended with the woman getting hit by the car.

The woman in question was among dozens of protesters blocking traffic in a protest against the local police force in St. Louis, Missouri. Police officers shot and killed 21-year-old Isaiah Hammett after the suspected arms dealer shot at them with an assault rifle.

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Hammett’s grandfather told reporters that he and his grandson believed someone was trying to break into their home when police arrived with a search warrant.

“If I could have got to a gun, I would have returned fire, too,” Dennis Torres said. “I didn’t know who was trying to break into my home.”

Following his death, protesters took to the streets yelling “justice for Isaiah!” When one of those protesters stood in front of a vehicle and argued with an anonymous driver, she was hit by the car.

According to police, the protester was transferred to a local hospital with injuries that were not life threatening.

A car ran over a protester who was blocking the street and cursing at the police LiveLeak/Screenshot
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