Bus riders couldn’t take the Florida heat and asked for AC — it got way worse from there

@MiamiHerald/Twitter via Miami Fire Rescue

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When a passenger told a Florida bus driver that they were hot, he quickly learned that the decision to turn the air conditioning on would not be the safest.

The Miami Herald reported that the air-conditioning unit in a privately owned bus traveling from Miami International Airport to PortMiami over the weekend caught fire and stranded passengers on the side of the highway.

The bus driver turned the unit on in an attempt to cool the heated passengers. Passengers then complained that they could smell smoke.  The driver pulled the bus to the side of the road, unloaded the passengers and their luggage, and attempted to use a fire extinguisher to combat the flames.

His efforts were unsuccessful. The interior of the bus was covered in black smoke, and a fire raged when Miami Fire Rescue arrived on the scene.

At least two passengers were examined by emergency services: one for smoke inhalation and another for scratches sustained during the bus evacuation. Despite this, no passengers were taken to the hospital.

Raw video from the bus blaze was shared by NBC 6.

[protected-iframe id=”565ccd13511ed503d14991ec46569fd9-46934866-88347336″ info=”https://www.nbcmiami.com/portableplayer/?cmsID=468222023&videoID=EzNY9zbWi_9q&origin=nbcmiami.com&sec=news&subsec=local&fullWidth=y” ]

Another bus transported the passengers to their destination.

The Miami Herald shared pictures of the damage.

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