A cop was victimized by a wild goose chase, literally, after forgetting his keys in his car YouTube/Shane Bassett
YouTube/Shane Bassett

An Indiana detective was caught on camera being victimized by a wild goose chase, literally, as a territorial, upset bird from Canada took out its frustrations on him.

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Detective Hall of the Clarksville Police Department may never live this one down. As you can see, the goose was on his case as soon as he made it to the sidewalk.

YouTube/Shane Bassett

And while Hall tried to take a swing at the bird with his bag, he ended up on the ground.

YouTube/Shane Bassett

There was no escape from the wrath of goose.

YouTube/Shane Bassett

The bird even flexed a bit for the camera, asserting its dominance.

YouTube/Shane Bassett

Lt. Shane Bassett of the Clarksville Police Department mercilessly uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 11,000 times and counting.

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“Detective Hall forgot his keys… he then attempts to enter the building and is challenged by our local geese….. bad decision,” Bassett wrote there at his colleague’s expense. “Final Score: Geese 1 Detective 0.”

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