Disturbing video filmed in Coney Island, N.Y., on Easter Sunday has surfaced online, showing a mob of people ganging up on a teen and stomping him until he was unconscious.

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The 20-second video was uploaded to Facebook by Brown Stone and remains there now. It has been viewed more than 3,000 times.

Facebook/Brown Stone

“Today in coney 😭😭,” Brown Stone wrote.

Clearly this was no laughing matter.

The victim was kicked and stomped on repeatedly and left near lifeless in the street. The video went on social media late Sunday and police are now looking into it as a result.

Facebook/Brown Stone

Although the victim has not filed a report, other reports have been filed about the incident. Still, the victim was not identified in those reports.

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But according to the New York Post, several people in the video have been identified, and arrests are imminent.

It’s not clear what led to the merciless and criminal public beatdown.

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