A drone filmed daredevils on a tightrope between two cliffs, and it’s giving us anxiety

YouTube/ Máquina Voadora

The daredevils in this video are much braver than the average human.

A drone captured the moment tightrope walkers in Portugal thought to cross a line suspended between two cliffs — the Cliff of Praia do Norte in Nazaré to the Guilhim Rock to be exact, according to the Daily Mail. The camera on the drone faced downward, showing powerful waves crashed below.

At least one was identified as Emerson Machado, 28, of Brazil. Machado and others in a group calling themselves the Western Riders say that the activity is perfectly safe provided one is trained and takes the proper safety measures.

“It’s calculated risk, we are not crazy like it may seems at first sight, in reality everything was planned to the very minor details,” an unnamed member of the group said. “Over the years, we’ve performed walks in many locations before, including Nazaré and we take this very seriously.”

It was reported that the rope was suspended several days before the events of the video. After the initial installation, everything was checked and double-checked, precautions for Machado’s walk.

“Over the course of two days, we’ve performed dozens of walks between the cliff and the rock in Nazaré, and no one was ever injured during that time, it’s relatively safe when performed by an experienced crew, working together with planning and caution,” he said.

Despite their assurances, it’s hard to say that the video doesn’t give viewers serious anxiety. Especially the part at 1:05.

The activity, which is called “slacklining,” or “highlining” in this instance, is not the only sport taking advantage of the area’s landscape.

Newsflare said that Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara helped bring attention to Praia do Norte beach after he rode a 78-foot wave in 2011. The act was record-setting at the time.

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