A drone flew over an abandoned lakeside amusement park and it was hauntingly beautiful to see YouTube/screenshot

Feast your eyes on Geauga Lake Amusement Park — or really what’s left of it.

A drone took flight over the abandoned park outside of Cleveland, Ohio to see what it could see and the results were hauntingly beautiful.

The park’s days in the sun may be gone, but the memories remain, YouTuber DiJi Aerial Media wrote in a comment.

“I’m glad you are all liking the video. It is very sad. I spent most of my summers here as a child and it brought back memories of what it was like,” the uploader wrote. “It’s sad to see what it has become, but it’s a great way to bring back memories.”

It’s as if the empty, broken down rollercoaster rails share the pain of those struggling against time to hold on to fading memories.

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