Milwaukee gas stations have been getting hit by teenage thieves, and on Wednesday, a clerk at a Citgo station fought back when he took on three teens, who the employee believes had robbed the place before, trying to shoplift.

The store’s surveillance cameras caught it all. The video shows one thief trying to sneak past a chip vendor when the store employee rams into him like a football linebacker charging at a running back. The quick-thinking clerk then locked the door as the three thieves tried to make a run for it.

A scuffle ensued with the store clerk eventually picking up a yellow “wet floor” sign and trying to whack the robbers. The clerk eventually unlocked the door, and the three suspects tried to scuffle again before ending up leaving the store with little to no merchandise.

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Gas station owner Anin Mirle said the teens had hit his store before and shared a video with Fox 6 to prove it.

“It’s not silly. It’s a serious crime,” Mirle told Fox 6. “It’s very real and a terrible situation for us to running a business. They know how to rob. They know to steal. They know how to snatch.”

Mirle said the city needs to take action to protect businesses from criminals, as well as asking for more patrols from the police. But, so far, nothing has deterred the crime, he said.

A fed-up gas station clerk fought back against thieves who had hit the store before Fox 6/Screenshot