A fellow driver’s dash cam shows a drunk mother pulling a terrifying stunt with her toddler in the back seat

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Tania Chikwature, a 32-year-old mother English mother, is behind bars after a wild stunt she pulled while driving. A fellow driver’s dash cam caught the insane moment she launched her vehicle 14 feet in the air over a traffic circle. It turns out that she had been drinking beforehand, and her young son was sitting in the backseat the whole time.

“The car seemed out of control, and from the speed it came past me, I knew it wasn’t making the roundabout,” witness Richard Jones said in a statement. “I saw it veer right and mount the concrete roundabout. I remember thinking as it launched into the air: ‘They’re not going to make it.'”

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Chikwature’s blood alcohol content was found to be over three times the legal limit, and police reportedly found a bottle of liquor in the vehicle. The terrifying jump resulted in her car being totaled, but she and her 20-month-old son were luckily unharmed.

“It’s only by luck, and certainly by no judgment of yours, that you’re not here today facing far more serious charges, and you’re fortunate that somebody didn’t die in that accident,” District Judge Ken Sheraton told Chikwature in court on Monday.

Chikwature was pulled out of the car by a passing driver, and she was later freed by firefighters. According to the prosecutor, she initially refused to submit to a breathalyzer test and gave a blood sample four hours later in the hospital. She also allegedly admitted that she “could have killed” her child but denied having a alcohol problem.

As punishment, Chikwature was ordered to 26 weeks in jail for dangerous driving and 12 weeks for drinking and driving. She is also prohibited from driving for three years.

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