Firefighters with places to be didn’t waste any time merging into traffic across multiple lanes during rush hour in Dallas, Texas, and an impressed trucker wanted the world to see it.

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The uploader of the video said he heard the sirens and wondered how he could help, so he slowed down and watched this fire truck  as it appeared to “drift” across multiple lanes.

“I was driving a loaded trailer to be dropped off in Dallas, TX. I had gotten into the city and joined the already rush hour traffic before getting to the event in the video,” the uploader said. “When I started hearing the siren of the fire truck I looked around my mirrors to try and see where it was coming from and see how traffic would get out of the way.”

The trucker said he couldn’t help laughing as this happened in front of him and made sure to power his dash camera off so this moment wouldn’t be overwritten.

“I saw it in my passenger side mirror coming onto the freeway from the on ramp so I slowed down as I would have impeded the fire truck from getting onto the freeway,” he said.  “I didn’t expect the rear end to swing out into my lane and my reaction to that can be heard in the video followed by laughter. Soon after it made it’s way across all lanes I turned my camera off.

“I didn’t want the loop recording feature of it to overwrite the clip. I figured other truckers wouldn’t mind seeing the clip on the Facebook pages I’m in,” he added.

Well, it’s not just truckers who wouldn’t mind seeing the clip. We were pretty mesmerized ourselves.

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This apparent “drifting” action has been talked about before under videos like this one on the internet, and commenters have always pointed out that credit goes to rear-wheel steering and the tiller.

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