A frightening plane crash caused a blazing inferno, and one brave pilot proved he could handle it Youtube/Screenshot

A business’ security camera captured the insane moment a plane fell from the sky, hitting a tree nearby in Foley, Ala., on Tuesday afternoon.

The video shows the plane touching down and bursting into flames in a matter of seconds. You can see the owner of the business, Aubrey Morris, start to run out to the scene, but not before going back to grab another witness. According to Foley Municipal Airport manager Rachel Keith, the pilot, Russell Smith, was alive after tumbling out of the burning plane. Thankfully, witnesses were able to pull him to safety.

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Corey Kirkwood, a lineman at the airport claims he was the last person to touch the plane before it apparently had a poor start to its journey, telling ABC 13 that the twin-engine Cessna 421 “took an insane amount of time to take off.” Smith said the plane barely made it over the fence and grazed a tree line past the end of the runway, where the plane caught on fire.

Kirkwood told ABC 13 that Smith later complained, saying that the plane didn’t have a lot of power.

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According to the FAA, he was the only one aboard the plane.

The FAA is investigating, and a salvage company will get the remnants of plane once they’re done, ABC 13 reported.

Miraculously, Smith only suffered from a cut on his hand.

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