A group of reckless motorcyclists tried doing tricks on the highway, but things took a nasty turn

Facebook video screenshot/April Lorraine Corey -- motorcycles crash on highway

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It certainly was a beautiful day to take the motorcycle out for a joyride, but this group of a dozen or so bikers took things a little too far, and it ended in disaster.

The bikers decided it would be nifty to clog up highway traffic by hogging two and three lanes at a time, including the exit lane, so motorists couldn’t get off. It became so frustrating that two women trailing the bikers decided to record the situation.

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At the 1:44 mark of the video shot and posted by April Lorraine Corey, you can see the result of their cockiness: a nasty wreck that slid two riders along the highway and scattered parts of their bikes across the pavement. But before that, the women marveled at their dangerous maneuverings.

“That one is over there doing wheelies next to an 18-wheeler,” the one woman says in the video, incredulously.

“There’s another behind me, another couple, three, four, a whole bunch of them,” her friends says. “It’s a beautiful day to ride a bike, but why would you drive like that? It makes my hands sweaty.”

And then it happens. It appears that two of the bikers collide with each other.

“Oh s**t, and it happened, it happened,” the one woman says. “Stop, stop, stop.”

After their car rolls to a halt as it approaches motorcycle debris come, the other woman says, “Wow, shocker, I called it didn’t I? Who didn’t see that coming? It just doesn’t get any f*****g stupider. Pardon my French. Here come the cops now.”

As one fallen rider retrieves his battered bike, the other woman says, “Oh my God, I can’t believe he’s up walking. He should be dead.”

As the police make their way to the scene, the other woman says, “I’m going to stay. I was a witness to that. That’s just crazy. Unbelievable.”

“I’m just beside myself. I’m shaking. I’m just so shaken. That bike went down in front of us. He’s lucky he walked away.”

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On her post, Corey provided a few more details and updates on the riders’ condition, including one rider who wasn’t even part of the group:

This evening on 495 a group of motorcyclists were riding in 3-4 lanes blocking traffic. As the motorists behind them grew more impatient coupled with some (not all of them) riding ON ONE WHEEL, getting aggressively close to any motorists who tried to pass (made the Food Lion driver really mad!) I knew it was just a matter of time before someone wrecked. *Both of the riders are ok*

Edited to add: The 2nd biker (the one who is is laid out on his back) was actually hit by someone else and not affiliated with this group. Those 3 guys came up to this group just happened to be trying to get past the group when a biker clipped him from the right hand side he was unfortunately hit. Exiled 1823 MC, DC– I certainly hope your guy is making a full recovery.

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