We can agree that staged hijinks in between the action at sporting events have their place and, in the minor leagues, these are more of a feature than a bug.

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We’re not 100 percent sure if the marriage proposal rejection you’re about to see was planned for entertainment purposes, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t.

The build-up and the reactions of the man and woman involved seem genuine enough and this kind of misery doesn’t fit the profile of the feel-good pranks you normally see at a single-A baseball game on a Monday night.

Keep in mind that this minor league baseball team has featured a “Grounds Crew Guys Dance on the Field, Have ‘Will you marry me _____?’ Signs” routine before.

That proposal, from July 2016, had a different outcome.

This is what happened on Monday:

So this just happened!! Watch to the end

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Here are some related facts: the Columbia Fireflies, based in South Carolina, are a minor league affiliate of the New York Mets; the Fireflies beat the Charleston RiverDogs 2-1; Tim Tebow plays on the Fireflies and he, just like the man with the engagement ring, struck out last night; you know a marriage isn’t meant to be if Tim Tebow’s presence can’t save it before it fails.

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Absolute optimism

Instagram/Tavi Newton

Not a kiss, but a whisper of ‘I can’t even deal right now’

Instagram/Tavi Newton

‘I’m just going to grab my purse and go now’ accompanied by a deer in the headlights stare

Instagram/Tavi Newton


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A guy’s marriage proposal got smacked down in front of Tim Tebow, and it was painfully awkward to see Instagram/Tavi Newton
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