A video shows a house being carried away by a dangerous New Hampshire flood and then being completely destroyed after crashing into a bridge.

Dangerous floods hit the town of Warren on Monday as the result of a Sunday night storm. Video initially shared on Facebook by New Hampshire resident Tom Babbit showed a house being swept away by the Baker River. The house then crashed into the bridge, causing the structure to slowly crumble in the river. Babbit shared the video, saying “This is so sad.”

“Just watching it — it was just horrible, it really was,” Babbit later told the Boston Globe in an interview. As for the house owners, Babbit said that he believed they used the home for summer vacations and were not at their property at the time. They reportedly did work on the riverbed, “that did not hold up” he also said on Facebook.

Babbit’s video was also uploaded by NBC 5.

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