A husband came home to find his wife and some dude naked on the couch — he handled it surprisingly well

World Star/screenshot

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Warning: you may consider this video offensive.

A husband appeared to know that his wife, Jenelle, was in the process of cheating on him with a man named Jason, so he walked into his apartment and filmed what he found.

What he found was two naked humans on a couch, one of them the mother of his child.

The video was posted to World Star Hip Hop with this message:

I hope to use this as evidence in my court case. God forbid if anything bad happens to me Or I die before the truth comes out. I’m just really tired and fustrated of being quiet, while her whole side of the family thinks I’m a jerk-off or some dead beat dad. :/

The unidentified man handled the situation surprisingly well, simply asking for a divorce and leaving.

It’s not clear if the video was staged, but it’s been viewed more than two million times.

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