A lawsuit has been filed after a Tennessee teen was restrained and repeatedly shocked with a Taser

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Security footage captured Jordan Elias Norris, 19, being strapped to a chair and shocked with a Taser multiple times by three Cheatham County Sheriff’s deputies in the Cheatham County Jail. The Tennessee teen has since filed a lawsuit citing excessive force in response to the incident, which occurred in November of 2016.

Norris was arrested on charges for “felony manufacturing/possession of marijuana for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft under $500 and five counts of possession of a prohibited weapon.”

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The lawsuit alleges that Norris had a Taser used on him multiple times during his time in jail, often while he was restrained, reports The Tennessean. Video of the confrontations were captured on multiple cameras, including cameras on the Tasers used on him. His lawsuit also alleges that by the time he was released from jail on bond, his body was covered in approximately 40 Taser burns.

In one video, a deputy can be heard saying “I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of batteries.”

“Most of the Taser burns sustained by Plaintiff Norris are not accounted for by the Use of Force Reports and video clips received from the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office, raising further questions and creating a reasonable belief that Plaintiff Norris was also repeatedly tased on other occasions without proper justification,” read the suit.

Norris was said to have been on suicide watch at the time of the confrontation.

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“I was actually giving the police benefit of the doubt over my own child because I was thinking he must have been fighting back, he must have been resisting,” said Norris’ father, William Chapman to NewsChannel 5. Chapman said that his thinking quickly changed when he saw the videos of his son being restrained and shocked.

Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said “any inappropriate behavior that may have violated an individual’s rights will not be tolerated” in a statement. He also revealed that the three deputies were placed “on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.”

“We will work closely and cooperatively with the [Tennessee Bureau of Investigations] and District Attorney’s Office to ensure all facts are provided and all angles of this incident are thoroughly investigated,” he said.

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