A man who got the idea of flicking his smoldering cigarette down a sewer and sticking around to watch it fall had no idea that he was about to cause an explosion that would knock his shoes off.

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The video surfaced on the internet in the past day or so and shows the man barely able to crawl away with his life.

The blast knocked his shoes right off. The explosion has already been made into a GIF that’s been viewed more than 400,000 times on Imgur.


Remarkably, the man seems to have survived relatively unscathed. How he wasn’t hurt any worse is a mystery to us. At the end of the surveillance video, you can see a person immediately rushing to the man

Maybe one day he can look back on this and laugh, but the internet is already doing that at his expense.

Some of the responses there are merciless.

“Did I just watch someone commit sewercide?” one person punned.

“Smoking can be dangerous to your health. Read the damn label,” another person joked.

“That’s a fast way to quit smoking,” said a third.

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It’s true: he will probably never smoke or litter ever again.

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