A man dove into the window of a moving car and saved the driver, who was having a seizure YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

A man in a pickup truck somehow realized something awful was happening to the driver of a sedan that was being followed by police while slowly drifting into lanes of oncoming traffic.

Dashcam footage from the Dixon, Ill., police department shows the police cruiser approaching a large intersection when a car suddenly, but very slowly, rolls through the red light. The police cruiser turns left to follow the car which is now slowly driving through the left-hand turn lane toward traffic going the opposite direction.

The video then shows a man, identified as Randy Tompkins, turning his pickup around, jumping out of the cab, running toward the car and then diving into the passenger’s side window, which fortunately was open.

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Tompkins, who realized the driver was under duress and not in control of the vehicle, quickly brought the car to a halt as two policemen approached the driver’s side.

“I was praying that he wasn’t going to hit the gas, because, obviously, I had to jump through his window,” Tompkins told a local news station. “I just did it so fast. I didn’t think about it. I just did it.”

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Tompkins said that he has seen others having seizures before and knew what was happening.

Police apparently did not realize as quickly as Tompkins that something was terribly wrong with the driver of the car. Fortunately for the work of a good Samaritan, a potential tragedy was averted.

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