A Texas man turned himself in to police after a camera on the side of a road caught him in the alleged act of illegally dumping his sister’s dog.

Gorge Spears, 62, stopped his vehicle in full view of a city camera in August and opened the door for one-year-old dog, Claira-Belle. Claira-Belle was later found by a member of the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission, a volunteer animal group. The group, which had its own cameras in the area to track instances of animal dumping, contacted Dallas Animal Services.

Claira-Belle was taken to the Dallas Animal Service shelter before she was transferred to the Texas SPCA. She was adopted at the beginning of September while the SPCA launched an investigation into the video.

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Spears confessed to dumping Claira-Belle when the SPCA tracked him down. He said that he was helping his sister because she was unable to keep the dog under control. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and SPCA of Texas’ Animal Cruelty Investigator used the admission to file an arrest warrant.

The city initially installed cameras in the area in 2015 when the road became a popular spot to illegally dump tires and other kinds of trash.

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