A man was surprised to find an Amazon delivery worker wandering around his home


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A Florida homeowner ran into a surprising guest after having a package delivered to him.

Michael Lentini was in his Sarasota home when he heard his elevator door open, reports WFLA. While he was expecting a delivery from Amazon, he did not sign up for the Amazon Key service that allows delivery workers to leave packages inside of a home.

“I looked this way because I heard the elevator door open; I thought, ‘Somebody that I know,” Lenitni said.

But it wasn’t a friend. It was the Amazon delivery man walking through his home. The man made it all the way to his master bedroom.

“I instantly froze, because its something that you can’t understand until it happens to you.”

The man delivered the package and left. When Amazon assured Lentini it would not happen again, he didn’t expect to run into the same issue the next day.

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Lentini told ABC Action News, “I really enjoy how fast they deliver.” But since the incidents, he’s felt “unsecure knowing that Amazon has a bigger problem than one driver.”

A representative for the company has since argued that the delivery men were confused by the home’s layout, but Lentini countered that he can’t see how that would happen.

“[The home does not say] Apartment B, not unit C. On the front door, right when you walk in, it says Number 15. So there’s no illusions that there’s any apartments in this place,” he said.

Lentini does not wish to stop ordering from Amazon, but he said he would consider using UPS and FedEx for shipping in the future.

Amazon said that they are currently “working directly with the customer to investigate and will be addressing any findings with the delivery personnel.”

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