An employee in a Michigan police department was placed under scrutiny when her coworkers began to complain about her work habits.

A local news station sent in what an investigative team called the Local 4 Defenders when they received complaints about Suzanna Laramie of the Riverview Police Department. As ClickOnDetroit explains, someone from the Riverview City Hall called the news station to say that other employees were upset that Laramie was allowed to show up to the office and leave whenever she wanted to.

It was explained that there are 22 police officers within the 12,000-person community. Laramie was a part of the small force until she was injured. Since she couldn’t work in the field, Laramie’s role shifted to that of police support services, which she did under a patrolman’s contract. The gig paid $67,000 a year and she was expected to put in 40 hours of work each week.

According to Local 4’s investigation, which consisted of hidden cameras and tailing Laramie, she has often put in half of that time.

Laramie was said to have strategically parked her truck in the Recreation Department, rather than a parking lot intended for police, to make sneaking out easier. On at least eight separate occasions over a three-month period, this what Laramie’s schedule looked like:

On a Tuesday in November, Laramie arrived at work a half-hour late. She put in an hour and 45 minutes and went back out the door. She got in her personal truck to head home.

…Local 4 watched and waited, and three hours and 10 minutes later, she returned in her truck and went back to work.

…Laramie doesn’t stay at the station long. After 20 minutes, she left again. She returned 50 minutes later and put in another hour and 15 minutes before calling it a day. Her total time at the station was 3 1/2 hours.

When Local 4 followed her again the next day, she did the same thing.

“Do you think it’s fair that you take off so much and the rest of the officers have to work full days?” a member of the investigative team asked her during an on-camera confrontation.

“I don’t do that,” she replied. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You’re never here more than a half-day.”

“That’s not true,” she tried to say. “I go to Northville for the detectives. I do all kinds of things.”

But the evidence was already on camera for anyone to see.

“If they are getting paid with taxpayers’ dollars, then that is what they should be doing. Not sitting at home,” said a taxpayer named Mike Walsh. Another named Danny said, “That’s not right. That’s absolutely not right. If you or I did something like that we wouldn’t have a job.”

City officials have commented on the video.

“If you’re out of bounds, and if you’re not there for a legitimate reason, then there are answers for that in terms of discipline,” said police Chief Clifford Rosebohm.

“We are going to be on top of this. We are looking into it and seeing what is really happening out there, and we are reminding employees that that’s not what we expect. Taxpayers can expect to see us going our jobs,” said City Manager Douglas Drysdale.

A video of the confrontation is available on ClickOnDetroit.

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