(Warning: this video contains foul language.)

Smart phones and social media have made it easier to expose the nasty behavior that is still displayed by some.

A 21-year-old Brooklyn woman captured a bizarre incident that occurred while she was taking the Q train to Manhattan, reports Gothamist. A man went on a profane rant about her eyes, which he called “Chinese eyes.”

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“Motherfucker get the fuck out my country before I murder your whole fucking nation, motherfucker,” he threatened. He later told her he had the “right” to murder her “whole nation.”

“This is my country too,” she told him.

The woman repeatedly told the man that she was white, not Asian.

“I myself am a little bit of an anxious person and I was getting weird vibes from him,” she told Gothamist. “He wasn’t giving me a dirty look per se, but he was staring.”

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The woman said that she shared the video to highlight anti-Asian discrimination.

“I think they are a minority group that is being targeted as much as other groups,” she explained.

The woman didn’t file a police report out of fear that it wouldn’t be taken seriously. She also said that, outside of yelling at her, he only jumped at her.

Unfortunately, “nobody on the train really spoke up.”

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