Oh, road rage, So very popular in videos, such a bad idea in real life. It never really ends well.

Look up “hardass” in the dictionary and underneath the definition you’ll find a collage of the people that instigate road rage. Like this jerk, who thought it was a good idea to lay hands on a woman. Big mistake, pal.

Just look at this face.

road rage dude 1

This is the face of a dude who knows he seriously fucked up.

Frankly, he got off pretty easy. The fact that the guy didn’t break Mr. Tough Guy’s jaw is a serious lesson in restraint. He did give him a pretty stern talking to, and had video to back up his position when the cops came.

In this video a motorcyclist gets punched in the head by a middle-aged man before taking the man to the ground. The attacker apparently thought the biker cut him off in traffic and for some reason  also SHOVES A GIRL. One that, according to her boyfriend, weighs about 100 pounds.  Nobody’s going to take his side after that.

The motorcyclist dismounts and takes total control of the situation.  The older man admitted later that there was whiskey involved. He also suffered a broken ankle during this incident. That may have prevented him from going directly to jail. He later faced charges including assault, disorderly conduct, threats, endangerment and impaired driving. Also, poor judgment in the first degree.

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