Warning: this video contains graphic content.

An Oklahoma liquor store has released footage of two cashiers pulling pistols and opening fire, reportedly disrupting an attempted armed robbery at the store.

The footage from the Forest Acres Liquor Store in Tulsa dates to Thursday around 6:00 p.m.

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The suspect — identified by police as Tyrone Lee, a suspect in at least 10 other robberies in the area — is in critical condition after sustaining numerous gunshot wounds during the robbery, many of which are captured on video here. He was reportedly armed with a shotgun, which he used to demand money from the owner and her daughter. (Neither woman has been publicly named at this time and they refused interview requests — though they gave permission to share the surveillance camera video, per KTUL.)

Here, Lee is visible behind the counter before walking off, at which point the women grab their weapons and duck behind the liquor store’s counter. When he returns, they let him have it, shooting him multiple times. The owner and her daughter, both armed with their own handguns, manage to fire shots at the robber.

Despite being shot, Lee is able to fight with the women, attempting to get the gun from one of them. He sustains additional gunshot wounds in the process before finally fleeing the store. The owner of Forest Acres Liquor sustained a gash to her head, requiring hospitalization and stitches. The liquor store opened the next day.

Though Lee fled the scene, he returned to a local hospital to treat his numerous gunshot wounds.

The owner’s son says their pistols saved lives, adding “We’re not going to be victims.”

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