A skillful truck driver for a Scottish transport company and a good bit of engineering impressed many on the internet after mastering a seemingly impossible turn with a wind turbine blade on the trailer.

The McFadyens truck driver completed a right turn onto a bride in the Scottish Highlands while carrying a wind turbine blade nearly 200 feet in length. A viral video shows the driver approaching the turn slowly and successfully getting the cab in place. The driver then inched onto the bridge as they controlled the wheels on the trailer to accommodate the turn.

CNET contacted Charles McFadyen, owner of the transportation company, for more information on the impressive turn. As it turns out, the driver practiced 198 times before making the final journey.

“Coming from Campbeltown in the West Coast of Scotland, we are used to these type of roads, but for sure we only employ the best drivers around,” McFadyen added.

The best drivers and the right trailers, apparently. The trailer featured in the video was designed by Nooteboom, a company based in the Netherlands. They describe their “SUPER WING CARRIER” as “anything but a conventional, extendible semi-trailer.”

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