After 39 years with the Kelso Police Department in Washington state, Office Dave Shelton’s final sign off is bringing people across America to tears.

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In a video from Inside Edition, the officer broke down in tears as he called in to his police brethren for one last time.

“I appreciate all the hard work and support,” he says during the sign off.

His wife of 42 years, Barb Shelton, and their children weren’t too surprised about her husband tearing up in the video.

“He can cry easily at things that are sweetly touching, but he’s also very tough and strong,” she said.

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Shelton is known for his dedication to helping the public for nearly 40 years.

?To me, it?s the end of an era,? he told Inside Edition. ?For 39 years, you’ve gone out there to help people and all of the sudden that’s coming to an end.”

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