Huge Wild Alligator Caught on Night Cam on Trail Facebook/Screenshot

South Carolina’s Caw Caw Interpretive Center County Park uploaded insane footage to Facebook of a “very big” alligator roaming a trail in Ravenel a few years ago.

?We put the wildlife camera out last night and we caught all kinds of critters,? Thomas Thornton, the facility manager at Caw Caw, told The Charleston Post & Courier. ?Certainly the most exciting thing was that alligator walking right by the camera.?

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Thorton told The Charleston Post & Courier that a smaller alligator passed by 20 minutes later.

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Park officials said they’ve spotted an alligator measuring more than 10 feet.

?There?s at least one out here that looks like a dinosaur,? Thornton told The Charleston Post & Courier. He guessed the gator caught on the wildlife camera might have been the same one.

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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