In a comical video, a woman is recorded walking into a Taco Bell and demanding french fries. Then she has an epic meltdown when they tell her no.

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The unidentified lady is shown walking up to Taco Bell counter and asks for a medium order of french fries. When the confused cashier tells her they don’t sell french fries, the woman, who is very likely drunk, asks “You’re a Burger King and you don’t sell french fries?”

She goes on to wildly claim, “Literally, I’ve never been able to not get fries… tell me what french fry orders you have.”

When she finally understands that she’s not in the burger place, she tries to have the employee read the menu, which doesn’t happen.

The wildest part of the footage is when the woman devolves into tears and claims that the employee is purposefully being mean and accuses the black cashier, saying, “This is racism at it’s f**king finest.”

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When another person in the restaurant speaks up and tells her that the employee isn’t being racist and Taco Bell just sells “tacos and burritos.” The belligerent woman has a final exchange with another person, where she again thinks she’s still in Burger King.

He humorously — and correctly –asks, “Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco? No you wouldn’t. Look at the menu!”

In a blaze of glory, the woman finally leaves after announcing, “I don’t like what happened here.”

The silly woman’s bizarre request for fries at this unspecified Taco Bell may have been just a bit too early. In an exchange with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, the food chain hinted that they might soon be adding fries to it’s menu to keep up with Hoppus’ other choice, Del Taco. Hopefully, she’ll have a cooler head when that day comes.

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