Soap opera star Eduardo Yanez is known for being a little bit testy with reporters, and when a journalist decided to ask about his son, Yanez answered with a smack.

The interaction occurred on Tuesday evening in Hollywood when the reporter, Paco Fuentes, was talking with the star. The journalist asked why Yanez’ son set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his wrecked car, rather than asking his father for money. Only moments before the smack, Fuentes and the actor were joking and lobbing softball questions at each other, CBS Los Angeles reports.

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After his open-palm answer, Yanez said in Spanish, “If you’re so worried about my son, you send him the money or go talk to him.” Another reporter, who was also on the red carpet, told CBS that she asked the same question earlier, and that the actor got upset with her as well.

Yanez is a staple in Mexican telenovelas. He began his career in the ’80s and has had a solid showing ever since, according to his IMDB page. He’s also won a score of awards, including an Emmy in 1993 for “Best Actor in Television.” It’s unclear at this time if there will be any repercussions for the actor. On Thursday morning, the star wrote on Twitter, “I want to ask a sincere apology to the public and the person affected by my action. It was not correct.” However, he also seemed to defend his actions, saying that his “personal life is not for sale.”

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