Aerial footage comparing the size of this boat to the monster shark in the water is terrifying Facebook/Dave Riggs
Facebook/Dave Riggs

We’re reminded time and again of the numerous ways you can die in Australia thanks to frequent appearances by extremely venomous snakes, but then a shark that’s not far off from being as long as a boat shows up.

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The shark, identified as a great white, can be seen circling the waters where a 28-foot-long boat and its crew marveled at what was going on. The shark was swimming just over 150 feet away from a beach, according to reports.

The footage was filmed from an aerial perspective and posted on Facebook by Dave Riggs. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times since its posting.

“Big Fish – Fourth Beach Esperance today … by the way, thats an 8.5 metre Patrol boat,” Riggs wrote there. The boat, as we said before, measures in at 28 feet long, while the shark’s eyeballed length was approximately 13 to 19.6 feet.

When you look at a shot of them nearly side by side, you see how huge this shark really is.

Facebook/Dave Riggs

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Riggs told PerthNow that he used a drone to record this footage.

“I got a tip off that a shark was out at Westies so I grabbed my drone and put it up. And what I got is this footage,” he said. “I reckon it had to be about four metres, and it looked as though it had been fed. It was just cruising along, it looked chilled.”

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