An Alcona County, Michigan man got the shock of his life when he went to retrieve a six-point buck he’d just downed and lost the fresh kill to a black bear, according to footage posted to Facebook by hunter John Wardynski.

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In the post, he says he was out hunting whitetail deer when he made a “clean shot on a nice 6 point.” As he approached the kill, he noticed he had company:

The bear came down the ridge, then proceeded to parallel me as I walked my blood trail. Thought it was pretty cool to see a bear that close, so I started videoing with my iPhone. After walking 20 yards of so I realized that the bear was heading to my deer.

While Wardynski wasn’t interested in taking on a black bear, he also wanted to keep his buck. In his video, he even tells it “that’s my buck!”

That didn’t work. So Wardynski escalated to whistling, calling out to the bear and breaking brush — risking a confrontation with the animal. At one point, he even pulls out his pistol and fires a few rounds into the air to scare off the carnivore, though he says that made the hungry bear actually turn and come towards him. He might not win that fight!

To Wardynski, it’s a familiar bear, according to the Detroit Free Press, and he understood where the mother bear was coming from.

“Have trailcam pics of her and her cubs,” he said. “The biologist said the berry crop failed and the oak mast is at three year low. She’s hungry.”

He watched the bear drag his kill away and decided on what’s probably his best move. While he admits he “would really like to recover [his] antlers,” he admitted that he would “give her space.”

John Wardynski is in luck, however: the whitetail season runs until November 30th, so he still has a few days to bag that rack of antlers.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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