A man and woman were arrested following a long, high-speed pursuit after their vehicle crashed and they tried to flee.

Toward the end of the chase that continued as day turned to night, the car crashed through two gates located on a property outside of Phoenix. When the pair left the SUV they drove into the desert, they were seen running away then embracing and kissing before being apprehended by police.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspects as Dustin Perkins, 35, and Lovida Flores, 29, according to Fox 35.

Mesa Police were alerted by the Salt River Police, which called them in about a stolen car report. According to Mesa police, officers located the car in question. A patrol unit attempted to pull over the car, but the driver failed to yield, and instead drove off.

The patrol car didn’t attempt to chase the car, according to Mesa police. Other agencies then attempted to locate the runaway vehicle and it was later found in Pinal County.

Two news stations followed the vehicle live via helicopter.

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Police created a barrier ahead of the vehicle. Once the SUV realized it couldn’t continue forward, it quickly made a U-turn and headed back the other direction. That’s when police began to pursue.

The vehicle turned off the road and crashed through a couple gates on a property. Heading off into desert terrain, the SUV finally came to a stop when it crashed head-on into a ditch.

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The couple then exited the vehicle and started running in separate directions. A helicopter spotlight is seen following Perkins.

Apparently out of breath and sensing there was no escape, the two suspects converged and are seen engaging in a long embrace, and kissing, while the helicopter spotlight stayed on top of them.

The couple is then seen getting down on their stomachs as patrol officers enter the picture. The two suspects are then quickly apprehended.