This news anchor will never look at alligator or crocodiles the same ever again.

WBZ’s sports anchor Steve Burton held an alligator on a while recording a segment with herpetologist Michael Ralbovsky, WBZ-TV reported. However, in a matter of seconds, the gator went totally ballistic when it spotted a crocodile Ralbovsky was holding. Burton, in total shock, couldn’t believe what was happening as the gator tried escape from his hands.

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“Hold it tight, hold it tight,” Ralbovsky repeatedly told Burton.

“I am!” Burton screamed as the alligator went totally nuts.

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“My life flashed before my eyes when an alligator and a crocodile met,” Burton wrote on Twitter.

Want to see if from another angle? You’re in luck:

Thankfully the woman was able to grab the alligator away from Burton and laugh about it.

Burton talked about the experience with anchors and said he “wasn’t fine” and that the gator “was so strong.”

An alligator went berserk when it spotted a crocodile, and this news anchor’s reaction was priceless @STEVEBURTONWBZ/Twitter Screenshot
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