An early morning Waffle House run got violent and five family members ended up with egg on their face YouTube/William Bastone
YouTube/William Bastone

An early morning brawl at a Lancaster, Pa., Waffle House resulted in the arrests of five women, all relatives and all with the last name Shivers.

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The Smoking Gun reports that the brawl between family members and three other women took place around 2:45 a.m. What started as an early breakfast went way off the rails, as a melee involving thrown punches and utensils broke out.

YouTube/William Bastone

This one was not about the end quietly. The Waffle House brawl went on for a solid minute. What sparked it is not clear, but we can surmise that someone was egged on.

Some punches landed and some clothes were ripped.

YouTube/William Bastone

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Five family members ended up getting arrested: Deborah Shivers, 56, Tyneisha Shivers, 37, Latonia Shivers, 31, Mercedes Shivers, 25, and Tonisha Shivers, 37.

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