A Mother’s Day morning crash stunned onlookers and the California Highway Patrol alike, as a Toyota Sequoia collided with what appears to be a Chevrolet Impala sedan in an accident so violent that the Impala was simply torn in half lengthwise.

The wreck left the driver of the Chevrolet in half of her car in the road while the rest of her car climbed a nearby hill. The accident, according to the Press Democrat, happened before 8 a.m. PST.

Apol Lansang is the driver of the white Chevrolet Impala. She was headed south on Highway 101 when Kevin Fenty, the driver of the Sequoia, veered into her lane. That’s according to the California Highway Patrol, who added that while the accident is still under investigation, drugs are suspected.

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Lansang went to the hospital with only minor injuries. Fenty suffered moderate injuries after being thrown from his vehicle. He’s seen in this video on the ground and under a blanket as onlookers talk to him, likely to keep him from going into shock.

This video was shot by former Air Force ambulance driver Tom Bond, who was just a few cars behind the accident that morning. Seeing that others were already attending to both drivers, he pulled over and started filming.

You can hear the shock in Bond’s voice as he reviews the scene.

“What a mess, that must’ve been a head-on at about 80 miles an hour. Never seen a car cut in half like that,” he says on camera.

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