A Subway employee in Warren, Ohio was less than amused by a robber who came into the restaurant demanding money.

“Open that fucking register!” the robbery suspect demanded on Tuesday afternoon.

“Get a job,” Cathy Stafford replied, clearly unimpressed by his attempt to scare her.

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The suspect preceded to yell at her to open the register, but she simply asked him if he was the person who had been robbing other nearby establishments. Finally, he yelled one last expletive at her before grabbing an item off the counter and running out. He reportedly got away with $13 from the tip jar.

“I guess some people just have that courage here and there,” Stafford said afterwards. “I don’t know what took over me. I guess sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do and I speak, just whatever comes to my mind, it just comes out.”

Stafford’s coworker who was present at the time was initially worried because “you don’t know in that mindset what he’s thinking.” She filmed the incident and took pictures of the man’s face.

“I’d say he got caught, in a way,” she said. “Everybody’s seen this video and people have said that they know who he is.”

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