Angry airline passenger unleashes a tear-inducing tirade upon an employee who was just telling him the rules

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Videos by Rare

An angry Ryanair passenger in Brussels reduced a staff member to tears after berating her with insults for over five minutes straight.

In footage shot by the customer himself, he describes his frustration that he was being asked to pay around 50 euros for a flight that he had already checked in to because he had failed to print his boarding pass. He begins by demanding to speak with the staff member’s supervisor.

“May I have your supervisor’s name, please?” he asks. “Call security, I’m a customer, lady. I’m asking your supervisor’s name so I can speak with your supervisor because I’m unhappy with the way you’re performing your job. Ryanair check-in lady […] Being a complete, total — what are you being? What are you being right now?”

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The employee nervously laughs, which sets the customer off on another tirade.

“Is there something funny here? What’s the joke? Is it your attitude? That’s the only thing that’s funny here, and it stinks,” he says. “You have a bad attitude. You have no business working here and dealing with customers.”

When another customer attempts to intervene on the worker’s behalf, the angry customer resorts to personally insulting him.

“Mind your own business, baldy. Go sit down, old man,” he says. “And lose some weight, get on the treadmill. You out of shape, donut-eating bald piece of crap. You’re nothing, man, you’re nothing.”

At that point, the employee bursts into tears, but the customer continues by sarcastically asking, “Oh, are you having an emotional breakdown?”

After the video began circulating online, Ryanair responded to the incident by issuing a statement that read, “Our handling agent at Brussels Airport, Aviapartner, is looking into this matter. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time.”

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