Another lunatic was caught on camera unleashing a racist tirade — this time inside a San Diego coffee shop

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Videos by Rare

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An establishment as quaint-sounding as the Living Room Cafe in beautiful La Jolla, Calif., turned into the scene of an unseemly racist tirade last week. A customer recorded the culprit, a muscular white man wearing a ball cap, and shared it on YouTube.

The man went off on a racist rant inside the coffee shop and at one point shoved a customer who tried to intervene. An employee told CBS 8 that the man had actually started to misbehave a half-hour earlier when he threw money in the store manager’s face after she served him a drink. She said he overheard him using racist language while talking on his cell phone.

Michael Baumberg told CBS 8 that he began recording as soon a he heard the commotion.

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The employee, Sabrina Howard, said the man left the coffee shop but then returned and ordered another drink. However, Howard denied him service.

“He asked me, ‘Why, why are you doing this?'” Howard told the station. “I said, ‘I heard what you said. You said an extremely racist remark, it offended me personally. It’s not OK and I don’t feel comfortable serving you. At that point he went from zero to 10.”

The man then left the coffee shop and went across the street. Baumberg and others followed him out and continued to record him as the man fired off more expletives.

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Finally, police arrived to applause from the customers outside. The man was put in handcuffs and arrested by San Diego police.

“I feel yesterday was a good thing for him,” the owner of the coffee shot told CBS 8. “Maybe it’s a wake-up call for him that he cannot continue to bully people around. Someone will stand up to you, and that’s what happened at The Living Room.”

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