A few robbers were in for a bit of a surprise when they thought they had concocted the best plan to target a 7-Eleven in Compton, Calif.

In a video posted originally to Worldstar Hip Hop, the two would-be thieves are seen approaching the counter of the convenience store with their hoodies up. One suspect pulls out a fake gun and jumps over the counter to push the employee out of the way. The other follows after readying a backpack for their bounty.

After only a few seconds, a security guard calmly walks in and pulls out his own weapon: a real gun.

The security guard appears to shoot and hit at one robber in the arm. Firearm in hand, the guard calmly approaches the suspects, who are scrambling behind the counter.

“They’re fake,” they tell him of their weapons.

“Oh well,” he replies. “Mine is real.”

The security guard waves his gun in their faces while shouting at them. The cashier manages to leave the area behind the counter and walks on the side of the security guard.

The security guard then jumps over the counter and defuses the situation, while the robbers cower in fear. A previous version of this story identified the 7-Eleven location as Hamilton, N.J., as listed on the video’s post. A report from reveals that 7-Eleven corporate officials informed Hamilton police that the events took place in Compton, Calif.

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