Bathroom Fight Bursts into Occupied Stall While Poor Guy Tries to Poop


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A pretty spectacularly entertaining fight video is going viral in multiple corners of the internet this week, in large part due to its unique setting. The two-man throwdown takes place in a bathroom, which in and of itself isn’t that wild of a place for a fight to happen, especially since it appears to take place at a school.

It’s a high school bathroom. Kids are going to vape and fight and do God knows what else in there from time to time. Rather, it’s where this fight bleeds into. Specifically, a locked stall in said bathroom. More specifically, a locked stall that had some poor bystander pooping in it.

There can’t be too many worse surprises while sitting on the toilet. The only one I can think of is this clip from the movie Zombieland.

This poor kid. He’s just trying to get some peace on the toilet. A break from whatever boring as hell class he was in. Maybe a reprieve from the general social anxieties that come with being a high schooler. And then what happens? Two random kids who are beating the hell out of each other just into his safe space and keep wailing on each other.

The worst part is he had to have been sitting there fearing it might happen. He was obviously on the toilet before the two combatants entered the arena, so to speak. So he heard them come in, talk shit and then start hitting each other. At that point he had to be sitting there hoping he could 1) finish as fast as possible and 2) remain hidden until the festivities ended.

Alas, that was not the case. The fight entered his stall and continued next to him, while his pants were around his ankles and he clasped his knees together to hide himself.

He is laughing though, so at least he’s enjoying the absurdity.

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