Adorable Video Shows Big Brother With No Arms Comfort Baby Brother


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I love heartwarming videos. They make me believe that sometimes there is hope for our future, despite all the crazy things going on around us. That is why when I saw this Facebook video, I knew I had to write about it. This isn’t your typical cute baby doing very adorable things. I mean, yes it is, but it’s extra special showing the strong bond between siblings.

The video shows two babies lying down, a big brother and what seems to be a newborn. The big brother notices the baby is crying, and although he is still very young himself, he knows exactly what his brother needs: his pacifier. The toddler doesn’t have hands, but he gives his brother the pacifier by propping his body up and scooting the pacifier over to him. The toddler makes sure his brother secures it with his mouth before letting go, which eventually makes the baby stop crying. A classic example of big brother saves the day!

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Now, this made me tear up a bit because it reminded me of my relationship with my brother. You see, we have been close since I can remember, I am the gum underneath his shoe. Everyone who knows us knows this, which is why I connected with the toddlers. This video shows exactly how early sibling bond begins. Sometimes as adults, we take this lifelong relationship for granted.

For young children, and babies especially, siblings are what I like to call instruments, in helping their siblings learn life hacks. Siblings help strengthen a child’s ability to communicate with others and their parents. This little boy had no idea what he is doing, but he might be able to teach his brother about empathy and kindness. Studies show that sometimes, siblings shape how we see the world and behave in it, having great influence in our life. For example, you create a team with them, and have the security of a life long companion who knows that you’re still scared of the dark at age 24, and that’s okay, because they understand you.

The video was posted by proud mother of three, Katie Widdon. It has now become viral shared by more than 250,00 users, and honestly, I’m not even surprised. Widdon says  her son, who was born without hands or legs, hasn’t stopped him from taking care of his siblings, commenting, “Camden might not have hands, but he doesn’t let that stop him from taking care of his siblings! ?#igotitmom #limbdifferenceawareness #luckyfin”

Three-year-old Camden was born with phocomelia syndrome, a congenital disorder that involves malformation of limbs and Amelia, and bones of the affected limb are either underdeveloped or missing.  The mother found out about the news during her 18-week-ultrasound at the age of 17, but despite his condition, she stated Camden has defied all expectations and continues to impress his father and mother with the thing he is able to achieve.

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This isn’t the first time Camden has gone viral. His mother shared a video of him taking his first steps where Whiddon’s boyfriend Cole Greene, is shown coaching Camden as the boy sits on the floor in an adorable white-and-red striped onesie. Greene repeatedly tells Camden that he won’t let him fall if he takes a few steps, where you can see Camden make his way towards the man’s arms by slowly jumping up and down. Widdon often shares photos of Camden on Instagram and Facebook, hoping he can become an inspiration to children and parents who might be in a similar situation.

Safe to say he’s an inspiration to all.

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