Bikini-clad girl twerks on someone’s man and gets put to sleep in one punch — yes, that is a victory twerk Twitter/@samanthaesqui15

To absolutely no one’s surprise, spring break is usually out of hand.

Thanks to technology and the internet, teens are finding new ways to jeopardize their futures, as recordings of their stupidity that could not or would not have been documented in the past find a permanent place in the hearts of strangers.

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Enter South Padre Island, Texas, where this serious confrontation between two girls ended with one of them on her rear end.

According to 17-year-old Bayleigh Anderson of Oklahoma City, who spoke with the Daily Mail afterwards, she punched out a girl identified only as Keelsey because she was twerking on her boyfriend.

“I caught the girl twerking all on my boyfriend is what started the whole thing,” she said. “I actually never really learned how to fight before, just grew up with big brothers, so I’ve always been kind of tough.”

Then for a bit of eye for an eye justice, or in this case butt for a butt, a random stranger twerked over Keelsey as she saw stars.

This too was caught on video.

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Keelsey later tweeted that her “eyes were barely open” and that she “didn’t even see [Bayleigh] getting ready to hit me. I was way too drunk.”

@Samanthaesqui15 recorded the videos.

The internet quickly responded with memes.

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