Camera catches a cop body slamming this mom with a small child in her arms over a parking ticket PandaTraveler/YouTube/Screenshot

An apparent argument over a parking ticket between a Shanghai police officer and a woman holding a small child in her arms turned violent when the officer body slammed her and the little girl onto the pavement.

The incident, which was caught on video, has caused an outcry on Weibo, China’s social media equivalent to Twitter. The video shows the mother arguing with the traffic officer and even pushing him a few times when the officer suddenly slams her to the ground. She loses her grip on the child, who crashes to the concrete and can be heard crying out as a second officer watches.

The video was initially published by People’s Daily Online. An officer from Songjiang Police Bureau told the Beijing Times that the woman was not happy when she was issued a fine for illegal parking and said, “She was confronting the officer and pushed him two to three times.”

The mother had a bruise on the left side of her face. She and the child were taken to the hospital, but their conditions were not reported. The Songjiang police department issued a statement acknowledging the incident happened and that an investigation is under way.

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The two officers have been suspended.

Many Chinese social media users criticized the officer’s aggressive actions.

“Given that she pushed the policeman at first place, there is really no need to body slam a woman, who was carrying her child in her arms, onto the ground, right?” asked user zhangwy_891.

Yet, some, who seem to believe illegal parking is a serious issue, sided with the officer.

“Illegal parking has to be punished!” said user qiutiandehu. “I support the policeman, for justice!”

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