Chilling bodycam footage shows a man brutally attacking U.K. police officers with a hammer

YouTube/Sussex Police

Shocking video has surfaced portraying a vicious attack on police officers by Jamshid Piruz, an Afghan national, who came to the United Kingdom after serving seven years in prison for beheading a woman in Holland. In spite of his criminal record, he remains a permanent Dutch resident and was free to travel throughout the European Union. He allegedly carried out the killing after watching Taliban videos.

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The body cam footage shows police Piruz attacking police officers with a hammer after they asked him to exit a garage to which they were called to investigate a burglary. Piruz appears to bust out of the garage and subsequently attack the officers, leaving them with head injuries. Police can be seen waiting, armed with tasers and canines before Piruz appears. As Piruz exits the garage, two officers attempt to deploy their tasers, but the murderer continues beating them anyway. Finally, he was overcome and arrested.

Piruz pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent, burglary, and affray. The judge described his attack, which happened last week, as “truly terrifying” and sentenced him to life in prison.

Luckily, the officers, PC Jessica Chick and PC Stewart Young, recovered from their injuries and were commended in Parliament for their bravery.

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