A 21-year-old woman wanted by police on four gun-related charges found that she could not outrun a speeding a police car. Amazing dash cam video released by the Tulsa police shows the moment a cop car mows down gun-wielding Madison Sueann Dickson.

Tulsa officer Jonathan Grafton deliberately steered his car into her to stop her from shooting at police as she ran alongside a sidewalk next to an elementary school.

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Police had been desperate to get Dickson, who was accused of shooting a man in the head and causing him to crash his car. She had also reportedly shot a woman in the arm at a Walgreens store and fired her gun during a robbery at a Best Buy.

Police made it clear that Dickson was holding a gun in her right hand by slowing down the video and circling the gun in red. Officers are heard informing dispatchers that multiple shots had been fired. Dickson then is seen pointing her gun toward the pursuing police car.

The dash cam video then shows the police car veer toward Dickson who appeared to be yelling before she’s struck by the car. She is then seen falling and going beneath the hood of the car.

Grafton, a Tulsa police officer for six years, was put on paid leave during the investigation.

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Officers spotted Dickson at an apartment complex. She fled in a pickup truck with a driver. She later got out of the truck and started firing at police.

“She had every opportunity to stop and turn herself in,” Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley told Tulsa World.