A video shared on YouTube this week shows a woman wielding a knife and stabbing and headbutting the car of two men whom she reportedly believed honked at her and tried to run her over.

The video begins with one of the men saying to a 911 operator over the phone, “Crazy lady that’s acting like we were trying to run into her backing out. She’s got a fucking knife in her hand, screaming and yelling at us.”

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Throughout the four minutes of footage, the woman stalks around the car, rams her body and head into it, and stabs the body and the tires with her knife. All the while, she both intermittently screams at the men and maniacally smiles at them. Astonishingly, another driver pulls up alongside the men and — rather than recognizing that it is the woman who is behaving irrationally — asks the men, “What are you guys doing? Why are you doing this?”

Just as one of the men confirms with the 911 operator that police are on their way, the woman scrapes a long line down the entire left side of the vehicle with her knife and runs away.

“My hubby and his friend handled this situation very well,” the poster of the video wrote. “When I saw this lady dive her head into the window I couldn’t help but think she definitely is dealing with demonic spirits~this is my opinion. Weather it was demonic spirits, mental illness or pills her guardian should have done a better job of controlling this outrageous unnecessary behavior. You can also see the huge knife she was holding in her hand. ****I’m very thankful to the God that neither of them got hurt and they handled it very well and stayed calm. This is why it’s important to keep our family and friends in prayer.****”

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