Drivers were stopped at a red light when a sewage truck let out a nasty surprise free of charge Witalca Chumakov/Youtube

It was one shitty situation.

Dash cam footage shows the moment a sewage truck exploded in Moscow Russia. According to Mashable, the incident went down by the Altufyevo subway station.

The video begins with a vehicle slowly coming to a complete stop at a red light right before a rust-colored sewage truck in front let out one nasty surprise.

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That’s right: smelly, gross sewage. The slimy waste continued to spew out of truck for several seconds.

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As you can see, the white vehicle to the left and the bus on the right suffered the most during the gross incident. The vehicle whose dash cam was running shows them driving along as if noting ever happened.

Just look at the white vehicle completely covered!

Witalca Chumakov/Youtube

We’re glad no one was walking by when it happened!

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