This video  is notable for bringing inspiration to headline  writers everywhere. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen:  “Off-Duty Cop Shows Son Proper Way To Tackle,” “Football Dads Pummel Shirtless, Saggy-Pantsed Interloper On Field,” and “Drunk Dude Leveled By Angry Dad At High School Football Game.”

So, what’s going on here? A man on a football field, whose pants were about to fall down, was acting erratically. He dumped the water out of a bottle before throwing it downfield and then picked up the football as stunned players watched and the crowd booed. Not your average high school game.

The dad of one of the players, who was also happened to be an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, decided he had to step in. He thought the guy had a knife, and that he was probably on PCP or bath salts.

After the tackle several other spectators helped him hold the man down. Eventually he was led off the field to a loud round of applause from the crowd. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and drunk in public.

You went the wrong way at life’s fork in the road if:

  • You wander on to a high school football field in Sacramento, Calif., while under the influence of something(s).
  • Your pants are down below your waist… people look into your eyes and see an uncommon nothingness.
  • You’re blindsided by a player’s dad who has good technique, a mean streak and allies.
  • All of the above.